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We love tripAdvisor and Guest Comments

We love tripadvisor and guest comments and reviews on all other online booking sites. In 4 short years, we have clocked nearly 400 guest reviews on tripadvisor. This is a high ratio compared to many other hotels which may have 700 comments in 15 years. Our guests are more passionate. Yet, 400 comments are a…


Before and Now: ZENING is Change

At ZENING nearly 50% of our guests return – often several times a year. They are enamoured by the change at ZENING. Good feeling is a constant at ZENING. We have made several improvements. ZENING is change, constant change and improvement. As the name suggests, we are a present continuous verb – always in motion.…


10 reasons : Greek Language

10 Reasons all our staff all do not speak Greek language “What is good know is difficult to learn” Greek proverb. 99.9% of our tourists are from the UK, Germany, Russia and we must speak their languages Greek Cypriots do not apply for jobs – they are in much better jobs in Banks, law Firms,…


10 reasons : No Wifi in Rooms

There is no high speed wifi internet in rooms at ZENING ZENING is in a remote village. There is no fibre optic cable ISP here We have a hilly landscape and signal from wireless station is weak The ISP lines are two residential lines and they do not have bandwidth We provide a Internet-Detox vacation…


Question: Are yoga classes free if I buy a retreat?

Answer: Please see description of yoga, or spa or detox package you have bought to see what is included.  If you do not have a package and if it is not stated, all classes and sessions are payable at 20 Euros per session.

Question: Are yoga classes free?

Answer: All yoga, meditation, wellness sessions are 20 Euros per session. They are not free. One single morning community yoga and sun salutation session is free for all guests. Why? Because our yoga teachers and instructors are highly educated and gifted individuals and they put their knowledge, heart and spirit in their work – they…


Just relax

ZENING is wellness. ZENING resort is for a relaxing holiday in the nature. For those wish for an active holiday, there is yoga. ZENING is not a loud animation resort. It is for chilling by the pool, under the trees or on the beach. Many guests choose to attend the yoga, meditation, fitness classes –…