ZENING is a new kind of holiday experience for deep inner well being and relaxation. It is a resort, a retreat, a village, a place to immerse in nature, a get away from urban sprawl. It is a retreat for a healthy holiday and for those willing to indulge, it is a new dimensions in wellness.

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Before and Now: ZENING is Change

At ZENING nearly 50% of our guests return – often several times a year. They are enamoured by the change at ZENING. Good feeling is a constant at ZENING. We have made several improvements. ZENING is change, constant change and improvement. As the name suggests, we are a present continuous verb – always in motion.…


Question: Are yoga classes free if I buy a retreat?

Answer: Please see description of yoga, or spa or detox package you have bought to see what is included.  If you do not have a package and if it is not stated, all classes and sessions are payable at 20 Euros per session.

Question: Are yoga classes free?

Answer: All yoga, meditation, wellness sessions are 20 Euros per session. They are not free. One single morning community yoga and sun salutation session is free for all guests. Why? Because our yoga teachers and instructors are highly educated and gifted individuals and they put their knowledge, heart and spirit in their work – they…


Foods to Support your Yoga Practice

We are what we eat! and we become what we think, so to feed our bodies and minds with the highest level of nutrition we can is paramount to us being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. There are particular foods which will compliment a daily yoga practice so that your body…


A Yoga and Meditation Class a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Nourishing our world, one asana at a time. It is of no question that a daily yoga and meditation practice is of vast physical and mental benefit. It reduces mental difficulties, and in turn through physical and mental practice combined, nourishes our bodies. The idea that we become our thoughts is pressing today, as was the revelation…