ZENING eco resort hotel of Cyprus is a 60 acre sea front hilly garden with village style spacious living in 145 studios and apartments.
The resort is in Polis Latchi riviera of on the sea facing north surrounded by low rising hills creating a healthy microclimate.
Resort has two large swimming pools EDEN and FONTANA, one for families, and other for adults only with a quiet zone. A baby pool for small babies with a sand pit and slides is in kids playground.

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Sea view

Resort restaurant SOMA is acclaimed for its delicious fresh seafoods, superfoods and nutritious, organic mediterranean diet. A Wine CAVA inside has a wide collection of mediterranean wines with tastings and gourmet menu. The restaurant reserves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in buffet style as well as a la carte dining.

NEBO Deck has a Bistro for day time gourmet snacks with spectacular views of mediterranean and the Chrysochous Bay from Akamas to Pomos.

Veda Spa has an indoor pool for adults, sauna and hammam, a yoga & meditation relaxation room with moving image and 6 massage cabinets where highly trained physiotherapists provide relaxing and therapeutic massages.

ZENING is a wellness resort where many yoga, meditation and wellness sessions are hosted every day for a nominal charge of 10 Euros per session in one of 6 indoor studios and outdoor gardens. Yoga mats, towels and all accessories are provided and guests need not bring anything.

ZENING is a family resort with ample vast spaces and gardens for those seeking privacy, serenity and harmony. The hilly landscape with winding paths are a feature of this traditional village of Cyprus where hundreds of fruit trees, olives and thousands of flowers bloom all year.

ZENING has a organic vegetables farm and a herb garden where a vast variety of green and herbs are grown. All produce is organic. Guests enjoy fresh from farm vegetables and salads.


ZENING is a uniquely built and located on a hill face rising from sea level to 25 meters elevation giving amazing views of the sea. The land is gifted with natural mineral water water resource creating a green nature immersion environment. Views from all rooms, verandas and balconies as well as restaurant and decks are of charming yacht marina of Latchi, gardens and sea.

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ZENING is located in Latchi village 4 kms from Polis Chryshocus town on Akamanthos marine drive that ends at gateway to nature reserve of Akamas some 7 miles away. Across this street to the left is Latchi yacht marina where yachts depart for blue lagoon cruise. To the right, a 100 yards walk is Latchi beach that extends 4 kms to Polis camping site and beach. The pebble and sand beach has pristine clear waters due to near zero pollution in the region where mediterranean turtles come to nest each year.

The Polis Latchi riviera of Cyprus is on a 35 km coastal road arching around north facing Chrysochous Bay. The region is a green basket of island where many exotic fruits, herbs, flowers grow. The breeze from south brings with it aroma of herbs and flowers from Akamas that relaxes and soothes the mind and gives deep sleep.

Paphos (PFO) airport is 45 minutes drive. Larnaca (LCA airport is 100 minutes drive.

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Latchi Polis Akamas

SOMA Restaurant Gourmet Dining & Mediterranean Cuisine

ZENING serves fresh locally sourced or home grown cuisine and local catch of the fish and seafood.

Guests can indulge in gastronomic delights, wines and chef’s creations.

A wide variety of superfoods and smoothies are available for wellness fanatics.

All food is home cooked and no mass produced, fast foods are served.

Great care is taken to provide an authentic taste of mediterranean with a touch of east.

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SOMA Restaurant

Guests may choose from many meal options such as Fine Dining, Half Board ( Breakfast and Lunch or Breakfast and Dinner), Full Board ( Breakfast Lunch and Dinner), All Inclusive Lite ( Three meals, snacks and beers, wines and beverages) or a Fruit Diet ( unlimited Fruit Smoothies, fresh fruits and juices all day), Organic Green Diet ( unlimited fresh veggies, superfood salads, smoothies all day ).

EDEN Pool and Bar

White & blue Eden pool is at the heart of ZENING. The L shaped pool is just as suitable for children as for those wanting to do laps. The pool is surrounded by palm trees and is set apart from residential zones thus creating a nature ensconced recreational spot.

Eden pool bar serves variety of premium alcohols, beers, wines, cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices and beverages all day, all season from June till October.

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EDEN pool

Fontana pool Quiet ZONE

ZENING is a family resort full of cheer and laughter. For those who seek quiet and to disconnect from stress, Fontana pool is a device detox quiet zone. This deeply relaxing area is ensconced in nature and with only bird song and sounds of nature as backdrop, it connects us with our inner self.

Bar service is available in peak season months of July, August & September.

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Garden, Hill, Landscape

ZENING is a 60 acres sprawling hilly landscape with palm trees, olives and fruit trees. The village is built in traditional style in 18 blocks of 6 to 10 rooms on two floors. All rooms require walking access and resort is not accessible for vehicles and wheelchairs or persons with physical impediments. All areas require access on winding paths, trains, steps and slopes.

The ZENING garden blooms from early in the year to mid-summer when strong sunshine takes its toll and the flowers and grass start to dry up. They bloom back with first rain and arrival of spring in December. Seasonal fruit trees, all year flowers and olive trees make this property a natural oasis in sun scorched island.

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Green Hill


ZENING is a yoga resort. All days, all season, daily yoga, meditation and wellness classes and coaching is available for those wishing to join for a nominal cost of 10 Euros per session. Schedule

ZENING hosts several wellness, self improvement and coaching masterclasses each year. These are available at www.zening.yoga

Vouchers for yoga classes may be obtained for multiple sessions.


A cool, quiet and mysterious Veda spa has an indoor plunge pool, sauna and steam hammam, a deep relaxation room built on principles of zen and several massage cabinets. Our accomplished and acclaimed massage therapists have education from leading universities of Europe and provide deep relaxing massages and therapeutic treatments.

Buddha Bar & Yoga Lounge

ZENING Buddha bar and yoga lounge is a place for enlightened spirit. It is a laid back meditation and dance floor and lounge

The bar serves green and herbal teas ( free) and our wellness coaches and yoga gurus are available for free consultation and conversation to lead guests on a path of peace, harmony, confidence and love.

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Buddha Bar

holidays in cyprus in ZENING resort

Yoga Lounge

Mineral and Herb Whirlpool & Soak

Guided by our mineralogist and herbalist guests may use our herbal and mineral salt soaks as per recommended program and duration. The bath waters are therapeutic and curative. These adults only treatments are available by appointment and available on during specific days of the year.

holidays in cyprus herbal garden ZENING

ZENING Herbal Garden

ZENING a sensual spiritual Resort

ZENING is conceived and created differently that concrete structures. Here, the accent is on senses. Rom design is colourful, eclectic and traditional. All landscape is dotted with herbs, flowers and fruit trees creating aromas and soothing atmosphere.

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ZENING Spiritual

Health is Real Wealth

ZENING philosophy is that health is the only real and true wealth in this life.

Everything in this resort is done toward a healthy wellbeing lifestyle for the body, mind and spirit.

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Health is wealth

ZENING is a spiritual endeavour and does not pretend toward luxury.

Our philosophy is that inner harmony and peace are the greatest luxury and we have created a resort to lead to such wealth.

We are an authentic village resort of Cyprus aiming for green , sustainable , healthy and harmonious living.

A traditional, natural, cultured place of harmony

ZENING resort village was built 25 years ago and renovated 4 years back. It was built by Leonidas Georgiou, a visionary who wanted to create a traditional Cyprus village paradise in nature for a getaway from stresses of modern life. ZENING Elia Village retains all of the authentic charm and spirit of this creation and has added to it a touch of zen and healthy wellbeing lifestyle. ZENING is host to nearly 6,000 guests each year for the past 20 years. Our guests are usually sophisticated , highly educated, spiritually inclined persons who wish to immerse themselves in nature and find deep harmony and relaxation. ZENING is not a hotel for show-off or pretensions. We are not able to and do not aim to satisfy those seeking expensive materialistic pretentious lifestyle. Nearly 70% of our guests return. Nearly 30% return several times in the same year. Many guests come for yoga and wellness workshops and masterclasses. We are proud that people of high academic, artistic and scientific mind on a path to spiritual harmony choose our resort for their vacation.

Full Disclosure & Comment

We provide full disclosure so our new guests may know what to expect at ZENING.

As is abundantly evident from description, drone videos and images, ZENING is a green, sustainable eco resort village on a large territory. It has a mission philosophy to provide healthy holiday to guests by giving a connection to nature and nutrition.

We are aware that of nearly 50,000 guests of ZENING of which nearly 5,000 are regular visitors over the last decades, some take the time to write their feedback and comments. In 4 years since new opening as ZENING Elia Village, we have received and read nearly 2,000 responses from guests that give us the enthusiasm and encouragement to continue in our mission. We are also aware that from these  guests of ZENING about 15 visitors have posted highly negative comments about our hotel on internet. We respect all opinions.


We strive to attend to every guest need and demand during their vacation. We request guests not to wait till the end of vacation and make us aware of their needs, their comments and their demands. We assure our guests we will be found doing our very best.

We ask our guests to be aware of following factors:

ZENING has large acreage on a hill, requiring much walking on hilly paths steps and slopes. It requires walking.

The village has 145 homes and they all have individual plumbing, cooling and heating. Hot water is provided by solar heaters and electric backup heaters are available. Due to these factors of localization please have patience for pumps, motors to kick in and permit a few minutes before free flow of heated water. A village is not a city and our development does not have the infrastructure of a modern town. Please expect a village.

Cars and carts are not permitted inside resort and must be parked on lower level access road. We request that guests understand it is for serenity of resort, safety of children and calm vacation for all. It is a rule and we do not accept rage or aggression from drivers of vehicles. Cars will not be permitted inside the resort except service vehicles and for loading and unloading by permit.

Resort is in a remote village of Cyprus and it is not built and designed as a business hotel. As a result there is no wifi internet in rooms. There is a limited wifi hotspot. If you are seeking 24×7 high speed connectivity please choose another resort.

By law we must have TVs in rooms and we do. But there is no cable TV and no international channels. If you require to be in front of TV with dozens of channels on your vacation, we are not able to provide such facility.

ZENING is a no-smoking territory with designated smoking zone. We ask our guests to not smoke anywhere around the property, nor in verandas or balconies and certainly not in rooms. There is a very high risk of fires in this region and we really do not want our place burnt down by careless cigarette disposal. This is the law and we understand that it annoys some people but just as we are not permitted to smoke on airplanes, we are not permitted to smoke just anywhere in ZENING. We will reserve the right to ask guests to leave, and or initiate police case for violation of law just as any office, airline or building in Europe would. We request guests to respect laws of Cyprus and rules of our business which are for everyone’s safety and security.

We are remote from large cities and urban sprawl. We are very fortunate to employ some warm, genuinely hospitable and friendly people from villages of the area. We also welcome staff from the continent. These members of team ZENING are simple, good people. It is possible that some of them do not have the highest education in profession but we prefer to have individuals that work from the heart and serve from grace. We do not tolerate any verbal abuse or aggression toward our staff and if guests are expecting super-robotic efficiency we inform them they will find only humans.

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Your piece of peace at ZENING

ZENING Elia Village has more than 145 homes. These homes are services, maintained, gardens watered, trees trimmed and there is a hum of activity which is normal and necessary. Our team work very hard under the sun and you will greatly appreciate their efforts. It is necessary on some extreme occasions when heat index is orange or there is a a high temperature alert, it is unsafe to work during midday hours. At such times, we advise our guests that we give our team members some hours off. This can cause some delays in service but we ask guests to appreciate that human life and safety come first and beds can be turned and rooms refreshed a bit later in the day when temperatures cool.

Living in Nature is very different from living in lap of modern luxuries.We encourage our guests to be familiar with uniqueness of this lifestyle of living in a village at the edge of Akamas where many modern amenities are not yet available – and thankfully so. To live in nature is a rare gift. It has great advantages for body, for mine, for soul. We are uplifted by nature. While we can be often irritated by how nature does not obey our commands, we get to appreciate its curative qualities as being in nature lowers our stress and gives a more harmonious life.
  • “Lovely accommodation in beautiful surroundings. Very friendly, helpful and efficient restaurant staff and activities teachers”

    Lynne and Francis
  • “Thank you for such a wonderful  holiday – it was just what we needed. Amazing food, fantastic staff, we will definitely be coming back.”

    Ted and Beatrice
  • “Thank you for a relaxing, warm, homely and Zen experience. Wishing  the resort all the best in years to come.”

    Ruby B.
  • “Fantastic staff, really cheerful and willing. Thank you ! We had a great time.”

    Jane and Karen
  • “We have had a wonderful time – lovely food, lovely people, wonderful spa. Thank you all.”

    Genella and Hanna
  • The relaxing atmosphere and being able to do yoga here was wonderful !”

    Jacob and Ella
  • “Thank you so much for my great calm and relaxing vacation. You were all so kind. I really don’t want to leave – Noooooo!! Thank you.”

  • “Wonderful experience. Lovely staff. Very enjoyable.”

    Grace L.
  • With love and gratitude for everything you have done for us. We will return. Om Shanti.” 

  • “Fabulous place – excellent yoga classes. Staff delightful (couldn’t do more for me), Accommodation superb – I will return !”

    Jan H.
  • “Fantastic experience. Thank you to all the staff – friendly and attentive !”

    Gillian D.
  • “Thank you for a lovely week – great food, very friendly staff – overall brilliant holiday.”



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