Zening Mission

ZENING, a present continuous verb defines our ethos, our mission and our daily work. Pursuit of peace, harmony and joy is a constant process. Inner peace and harmony that is necessary to experience the joy of existence is not a one-off procurement. Living well, feeling well constantly and continuously is the ultimate luxury and that can only be availed through a mindful effort. ZENING — a word created by us refers to the process of achieving ZEN. ZEN IS a meditative state of mind with complete peace and harmony unaffected by worldly stress, chaos and turmoil within and with all that is outside. The process of ZENING takes us on this journey, finding a deep reservoir of peace and energy inside that can fill our lives with joy. Process is the key; each moment, an indulgence in this process is the result in itself. ZENING is living with love & compassion looking past our ego and finding the truth.
Our mission is to deliver happiness and wellness in every life we touch.
ZENING is a wellness resort and retreat. A sense of wellness is emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and physical wellbeing. Wellness is inner harmony and peace with the external world.
ZENING resorts aims to be acknowledged as a peaceful and spiritual retreat. It is a holiday resort for those seeking inner joy, calm, peace and harmony in their lives.
ZENING It is a place of lasting feel good; a place of awakening.
Lasting peace comes from connection with our inner self, in knowing who we are and in finding reservoirs of compassion, gratitude and love. At ZENING we create conditions for this journey to lasting wellness.
ZENING is a company with a happy tiding driven by a collective wish to do good and be good.
Our business and work at ZENING – is to provide the conditions for zening.

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