At ZENING smoking is permitted ONLY in designated smoking zones near SOMA restaurant and near reception.

There are three main reasons why smoking is not permitted in rooms, verandas or anywhere in public areas – gardens, paths, cafes and open terraces.

First, its the law. This area of Cyprus is prone to fires. During summer is dry and a tinderbox. Very often destructive fires have started in this area just because of one single cigarette butt. Wild fires have destroyed homes, fields, forests and lives all around Cyprus, Greece, Portugal in last years. There are very strict rules about fire safety and not smoking in open areas or throwing cigarettes is one such rule. By law there is criminal liability, prosecution, and possible fines and jail time for breaking the law on fire hazards.

Second, the law. It is not permitted to smoke in residential zones. It is not permitted to smoke inside rooms or on verandas or balconies.

Third, courtesy and law. ZENING guests have a right to enjoy their vacation without passive smoke. The nature of this area is very clear and the breeze is fresh. Any smoke, even from a distance, is smelt and sensed immediately because the breeze is so clean and clear infused with aroma and herbs of AKAMAS.

So let us be very clear: Very much like airlines, European offices, parks, buses, hotels, hospitals where smoking is not permitted, smoking is not permitted around ZENING in any areas except the two designated zones.

What happens if someone breaks these rules: If a complaint is made by guest, or smoke and cigarettes are detected in any areas other than designated smoking zones, we have a right to evict the guests and inform prosecutors to take legal action. An immediate fine or legal action may start.  No refund will be provided and cleaning costs might be imposed.

We ask guests with an incurable smoking habit to book another hotel or retreat.

No Smoking Please